Financial Transparency

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In service to our commitment to financial transparency, Chatham strives to make accessible its financial information from department budgets and expenses to revenues and detailed transactions. On this page, you'll find you'll find summarized financial information and important frequently asked questions. Simply click on the graphs or icons to dive deeper into the the Town's financial information.

Understanding Town Expenses

Expenses show how the Town spends its money. A lot of consideration and strategy is put behind budgeting how the Town spends money to provide the best services for the community.

How much does Chatham spend on Public Works?

This division includes expenditures in the general fund for Buildings & Grounds, Public Works, Highway, Snow & Ice, and Solid Waste & Recycling departments.

How much does the Town spend on Personnel?

This section reports personnel expenditures for all funds and all activities of the Town including full time, part time and seasonal employees.

How much does Chatham spend on Public Safety?

Here you will find general fund expenditures for the Public Safety Division which includes Police, Fire, Ambulance, Emergency Management.

Town of Chatham Airport Revolving Fund Overview

The Airport Revolving Fund (ARF) was established by Annual Town Meeting (ATM) in 1996 via Article 5 in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 44, § 53E 1/2. On an annual basis in accordance with Chapter 37, Article I of the General Bylaw, spending limits for the Town’s Revolving Funds are established. For FY22 the ARF value is $75,000. Chapter 37, Article I, § 37-2, C., notes that the total amount spent during a fiscal year shall not exceed the amount authorized by Town Meeting on or before July 1 of that fiscal year, or an increased amount of that authorization that is later approved during the fiscal year by the Select Board and Finance Committee.

The ARF is primarily funded by monthly payments from the Airport Manager/Fixed Based Operator (FBO) as specified in the Airport Manager Services Agreement (#20-482-4820-0100) and hangar lease revenue from the H2 Hangars (#20-482-4823-4360). Other revenue sources of funds to the Airport Revolving Fund beyond the payments from the FBO or H2 Hangars, could include (but not be limited to) income from non-aviation uses including payments from use of the Fisherman’s Storage Area and the VFW Post recreational fields, land leases for hangars, or other planned/future uses.

Regular expenditures for personal services (e.g., minutes production, part-time administrative support, etc.) are charged to #20-482-4820-5100, while expenditures for all other services are charged to #20-482-4820-5200. Additional expenses could include operational supply items (#20-482-4820-5400). Typical expenditures of the ARF include but are not limited to repairs to buildings and navigation systems, signage, supplies, insurance, equipment repairs and maintenance, commercial building inspections (fire/fuel, etc.), alarm system monitoring, damage to equipment and maintenance repairs among others.