downtown Mall Infrastructure



Project Name: Downtown Mall Infrastructure

Department: Parks & Recreation

Start Date: 7/01/2023

End Date: 6/30/2030


Downtown Mall infrastructure repair creates a funding source for major repair and maintenance initiatives on the mall, activity which is currently not funded from any other source. Examples of work would include runnel repair or renovation, crossing repairs, repairs to section from Omni to Water Street, reworking/repairing larger fields of pavers that have failed or are failing, light relocation or replacement, upgrading electrical systems to include more efficient lighting fixtures, banner and flag bracket replacement and repairs, twice a year cleaning and sanding and similar activities.

The funding for this account is off-set by the revenue generated from the sale of cafe permits that can be acquired by businesses located on the mall and used as outdoor cafe spaces.


Chapter 8 : Economic Prosperity & Opportunity

Goal 5. Tourism

Increase tourism to help expand the positive economic impact visitors have on the city.

Goal 6. Downtown Mall

Maintain the economic vitality of the Downtown Mall area and foster it as a diverse and

welcoming focal point hub of the region, with a vibrant historic district, arts and entertainment, shopping, dining, and cultural events.

Chapter 9 : Community Facilities and Services

Goal 3. Government/Public Facilities

Improve and maintain City government facilities to continue to provide safe, accessible, modernized public facilities and places of employment.

Goal 14. Parks and Recreation (Best Practices)

Adopt and maintain customized park and recreation facility standards that support a livable community and perform consistent maintenance on all parks and recreation facilities.


Objectives - It's to create a funding source for major repair and maintenance initiatives on the mall.

Status - Ongoing Projects and repairs like crossing repairs, light relocation or replacement, and upgrading electrical systems to include more efficient lighting fixtures.

Cost Estimate

Operating Impacts

Operating impacts to be determined in the future.