Streets and Sidewalks



Project Name: Streets & Sidewalks

Department: Public Works Department

Start Date: 7/01/2023

End Date: Ongoing


These funds are utilized for major pavement repairs and resurfacing operations.


Chapter 6 : Transportation

Goal 1. Complete Streets

Create and maintain a connected network of safe, convenient, and pleasant

accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders, including people of all ages and abilities.

Goal 8. Infrastructure Funding

Identify and seek new sources of sustainable funding mechanisms for the maintenance

of existing multimodal infrastructure and facilities and future development of the transportation system

Chapter 9 : Community Facilities and Services

Goal 1. Efficient Planning for Facilities and Infrastructure

Prioritize efficient construction and maintenance of all community infrastructure and facilities, and ensure that infrastructure capacity is built and maintained in line with growth or declining demand, as appropriate.


Objectives: To proactively maintain the City's roadway network and maintain a Pavement Condition Index average score of 71 (Categorized as "Satisfactory" condition)

Status: Paving output over recent years has been hampered by inconsistent contractor availability and capacity for the necessary site work required before paving, for items such as federally mandated ADA upgrades/installations. Public Works is hopeful this capacity issue across the industry will improve and with it, paving output can return to the levels necessary to maintain the recommended network condition. With this context in mind, asphalt and paving costs have also increased by over 27% over the past year, an increase observed in the City's most recent on-call paving contract unit rates. The current funding levels were reduced slightly for FY 24 to spend-down existing available balances. However, it is anticipated the budget will need to be adjusted in future years once the contractor capacity issue is resolved and work is able to be completed on a more predictable schedule.

Cost Estimate

Operating Impacts

Current contractor availability and capacity limits the amount of work that can be completed. However, it is anticipated that rising material and labor costs and with 4 newly added streets to the City's inventory funding increases may be need in the future.