Historical District Entrance Corridor



Project Name: Historical District Entrance Corridor

Department: Neighborhood Development Services

Start Date: 7/01/2023

End Date: 6/30/2027


These funds support ongoing research, documentation, and policy work to advance the City's historic preservation program. Specific work includes surveys and documentation of historic resources, preparing nomination materials to include historic buildings on the state and/or federal register of historic places, and the development or updating of design guidelines and related policies for the City's architectural review districts, individually protected properties, and entrance corridors.


Chapter 4: Land Use, Urban Form, and Historic & Cultural Preservation

Goal 6. Design Excellence

Continue Charlottesville’s history of architectural and design excellence by maintaining traditional urban design features and valuing historic resources while encouraging creative, context sensitive, contemporary planning and design that supports the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

Goal 7. Entrance Corridors

Ensure that the quality of development in Charlottesville’s designated Entrance Corridor

Overlay Districts is compatible with the City’s requirements and standards, and with the adjacent neighborhood’s historic, architectural, and cultural resources, while allowing for reuse of structures and evolution of uses in these areas.

Goal 8. Expand Understanding

Recognition of Community History and Culture Identify ways to expand the understanding, presentation, and interpretation of the varied histories, cultures, and experiences of the city’s residents and neighborhoods.

Goal 9. Resource Inventory

Systematically inventory and evaluate all historic, cultural, and natural resources, landscapes, and open spaces as critical elements that make Charlottesville special.

Goal 10. Communication about Historic Resources

Educate current and potential property owners of historic resources, as well as the community in general, about the significance of historic properties.

Goal 11. Historic Resource Protection

Provide effective protection of Charlottesville’s historic resources, including through recognition and incentives.


Project Objectives: To maintain and expand the City's historic preservation program in order to protect the City's rich historic legacy. Continue to improve the related permitting program. Support access to funding that can contribute to restoration of historic properties and interpretation of historic resources.

Status: In recent years these funds have been used to complete historic survey work for the 10th & Page neighborhood and historic resource documentation for the downtown mall.

Cost Estimate

Operating Impacts

Operating impacts to be determined in the future.