Downtown Mall Trees Active Lifecycle Management



Project Name: Downtown Mall Trees Active Lifecycle Management

Department: Parks & Recreation Department

Start Date: 7/01/2023

End Date: 1/5/2028


This funding is dedicated for proactive lifecycle tree maintenance and management on the Downtown Mall. Staff proposed that this become an ongoing recurring funding source to actively manage the lifecycles of this critical community asset. Examples of work includes structural or reduction pruning to reduce damage due to wind load, removal of deadwood to reduce liability and increase patron safety, the reduction of crowns in or around buildings and shape trees to enhance future growth, longevity and vitality. Such work would occur in individual, blocks or groups of trees. Additional examples of funding focus could include the conversion or removal of some tree grates to another system, the possible replacement of trees which may have died or are no longer viable and similar active lifecycle management activities. With proper care and active management, these trees can survive for many many years into the future.


Chapter 7 : Environment, Climate, and Food Equity

Goal 2. Resilience and Adaptation

Prepare for and work to minimize the impacts of climate change.

Goal 6. Tree Canopy

Contribute to the creation, protection, and expansion of robust urban forests.


Objectives: The objective of this fund is to provide consistent funding to support trees occupying the downtown mall throughout their lifecycles. The ongoing livelihood of these trees will support a robust and safe pedestrian presence on this unique city asset. Funding will support regular tree pruning and associated maintenance, in addition to regular tree health observation.

This funding is an added new request for FY 2024.

Cost Estimate

Operating Impacts

Operating impacts to be determined in the future.