Charlottesville City Council


Charlottesville City Council

Charlottesville voters, at large, elect a five-member Council to serve as the City’s legislative and governing body. The members serve four-year terms, and they elect one Councilor to serve as Mayor and one as Vice Mayor for two years. Municipal elections are held in November in odd-numbered years. The terms of Council members are staggered so that three are elected in one year and two are elected two years later. The Mayor presides over meetings, calls special meetings, makes some appointments to advisory boards, and serves as the ceremonial head of government. The Vice Mayor substitutes whenever the Mayor is unavailable. City Council appoints the City Manager, City Assessor, the Council Chief of Staff/Clerk of Council, and members of major policing making Boards and Commissions.

Council makes policy in the areas of city planning and finances, human services, public safety and justice, public utilities, and transportation. It has specific powers to pass ordinances, levy taxes, collect revenues, adopt a budget, make appropriations, issue bonds, and provides payment of public debts.

Lloyd Snook: Mayor

Photograph of Mayor Lloyd Snook

Juandiego Wade: Vice Mayor

Photograph of  Vice Mayor Juandiego Wade

Leah Puryear: Councilor

Photo of Councilor Puryear

Michael Payne: Councilor

Photograph of Councilor Michael Payne

Brian Pinkston: Councilor

Photograph of Councilor Brian Pinkston

Contact Information

City Council (All Members):

  • Lloyd Snook, Mayor:

  • Juandiego Wade, Vice Mayor:

  • Michael Payne:

  • Brian Pinkston:

  • Leah Puryear:

City Manager

Michael C. Rogers

(434) 970-3101

Chief of Staff/Clerk of Council

Kyna Thomas

(434) 970-3113

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 911

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Charlottesville City Council Website

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