charlottesville Housing Fund (CAHF)



Project Name: Charlottesville Housing Fund

Department: Community Solutions

Start Date: 7/1/2023

End Date: 6/30/2028


The primary focus of CAHF is to accomplish the goal adopted by Council in February 2010 (as contained in the 2025 Goals for Affordable Housing report) to grow the supported affordable housing stock to 15% of overall housing stock by 2025. CAHF funds are specifically targeted toward assisting with creation of new supported affordable housing opportunities for persons/households of low to moderate-income levels or preserving existing supported affordable units. For more information on this project please visit the CAHF webpage on the City's site.

As part of a process change in FY 23, all funding requests for affordable housing programs and initiatives are funded out of the CAHF that are considered and awarded using a competitive process. Previously, the Vibrant Community Fund provided approximately $575,000 for affordable housing related programs. For FY 24, those funds have been reallocated to the CAHF project account which increased the annual funding amount from $925,000 per year to $1,500,000 per year.


Chapter 5 : Housing

Goal 1. Funding Commitments

Establish and sustain a funding commitment to address affordable housing needs, tied to requirements to address community goals.

Goal 2. Diverse Housing Throughout the City

Support a wide range of rental and homeownership housing choices that are integrated and balanced across the city, and that meet multiple City goals including community sustainability, walkability, bike-ability, ADA accessibility, public transit use, increased support for families with children and low-income households, access to food, access to local jobs, thriving local businesses, and decreased vehicle use.

Goal 3. Unhoused Community Members

Address, prevent, and end homelessness.

Goal 4. Energy and Water Efficiency

Increase the energy performance, water efficiency, and environmental sustainability of housing throughout the city.

Goal 5. Equitable and Efficient

Governance Build governance structures that institutionalize an equitable and efficient implementation of the Affordable Housing Plan and implementation of other housing priorities.

Goal 6. Tenants’ Rights

Change local policy and advocate at the state level to expand the City’s ability to support tenants’ rights.

Goal 7. Subsidy Programs

Focus and align subsidy programs with community-defined priorities and make changes to increase the impact of public spending.

Goal 8. Collaboration

Coordinate local and regional housing goals.


Objectives: CAHF funds will be used to directly support affordable housing projects.

Status: A Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) was issued in October 2021. Applications for funding requests can be submitted through November 2022.

Cost Estimate

Operating Impacts

Operating impacts are minimal and these funds generally support housing related activities that are not part of City operations.