traffic Signal Coordination



Project Name: Traffic Signal Coordination

Department: Public Works Department

Start Date: 7/01/2023

End Date: Ongoing


These funds are utilized for the repair/replacement and coordination of the City's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) consisting of traffic signal/communication hardware and software, as well as supporting centralized systems for oversight and management


Chapter 6 : Transportation

Goal 1. Complete Streets

Create and maintain a connected network of safe, convenient, and pleasant

accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders, including people of all ages and abilities.

Goal 2. Coordination with Land Use & Community Design

Improve quality of life and promote active living by reducing automobile use and congestion and supporting multimodal options for safe and convenient travel in conjunction with implementation of the Future Land Use Vision.

Goal 3. Efficient Mobility and Access

Maintain a safe and efficient transportation system to provide mobility and access.

Goal 8. Infrastructure Funding

Identify and seek new sources of sustainable funding mechanisms for the maintenance

of existing multimodal infrastructure and facilities and future development of the transportation system


Objectives: To proactively maintain, replace, and keep the City's Intelligent Transportation System assets up to date for optimized traffic conveyance and safety

Status: Program is working toward the purchase and upgrade of the traffic signal communication assets to allow for real time and always connected communication. This will be coupled together by a new cloud based Active Traffic Management System (ATMS) that will allow for real-time monitoring from computer and mobile devices. An integrated platform for signal control, ITS field device monitoring and control, information management, graphical data display, advanced traffic algorithms. It will provide real-time management capabilities for our roadway network, ensuring increased safety and improved traffic conveyance

Cost Estimate

Operating Impacts

On-going repairs and replacements are required as part of on-going system improvements, damages and traffic pattern changes. Funding levels will be requested annually based on the anticipated burden to accommodate the existing condition status at that time.