Police department portable radio



Project Name: Police Department Portable Radio

Department: Police Department

Start Date: 7/01/2020

End Date: 6/30/2028


The FY24 non-bondable CIP allocation for Police Portable Radios is part of the citywide radio replacement initiative that was started alongside the regional 800mhz/P25 radio system replacement/upgrades. Some generations of portables and/or mobile radios that were in service across the city did not work on the new system. This required the replacement of all these devices at once. A portable radio is assigned to each officer as part of their standard equipment issue.

´╗┐The FY24 allocation of $45,000 for the Police department is an additional installment of the on-going initiative that will help maintain and keep the portable radios up to date with current technology. The first years of these installments were dropped from $75,000/yr to the current $45,000/yr until FY26 when it is proposed to increase back to the original $75,000 amount.

´╗┐These funds will allow the police department to fund a regular replacement schedule for the radios.


Chapter 9 : Community Facilities and Services

Goal 4. Emergency Management

Reduce community, citizen, and employee vulnerability to hazards and improve community resilience in the face of natural and man-made disasters by employing an all-hazards, whole-of government approach to emergency preparedness, and integrating planning, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

Goal 6. Emergency Medical Services

Support a resilient, safe community through the provision of the highest quality Emergency Medical Services focused on service delivery, patient outcomes, and responder health and safety.

Goal 7. Public Safety Services

Provide safety and protection to all Charlottesville residents while building community capacity and strengthening relationships.


The current portable radios for the police department have a current cost of approximately $6,000/each (including the lapel mic and required entitlements). The $45,000/year allocation will fund the replacement of roughly 7 portables/year. The total funding allocated to the police department in FY 24 - FY 28 for portable radios is $315,000 and will provide for roughly 52 portable radio replacements in total. This replacement funding plan was created when legacy radios had to be replaced early in relation to the regional 800mhz/P25 radio system replacement/upgrades to be certain there was a sustainable and successful replacement plan for the future.

Cost Estimate

Operating Impacts

This account will accumulate funds and allow for a rotating replacement schedule which will help minimize the need for large operating budget increases all at once.