Urban Tree Planting



Project Name: Urban Tree Planting

Department: Parks & Recreation

Start Date: 7/01/2023

End Date: 6/30/2030


$100,000 allocated annually will support the installation of 200 tree saplings or replacement trees annually. Funding may be also be applied toward soil amendments and/or other site preparation activities that will increase likelihood of tree establishment. This level of funding meets the request of the Tree Commission and compensates for a significant shortfall of this funding goal over the past several years. The addition of new tree installations will help mitigate impacts from potential change and contribute to increased urban canopy coverage.


Chapter 7 : Environment, Climate, and Food Equity

Goal 1. Climate Change Mitigation,

Emissions, and Energy Reduce community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the city’s overall carbon footprint to meet goals established for 2030 (45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2011 levels) and 2050 (carbon neutrality).

Goal 2. Resilience and Adaptation

Prepare for and work to minimize the impacts of climate change.

Goal 3. Water Resources Protection

Protect, enhance, and restore the integrity of the city’s water resources and riparian


Goal 5. Urban Ecosystems

Pursue healthy, interconnected urban ecosystems that deliver valuable ecosystem

services, and support diverse native plant communities and wildlife habitats.

Goal 6. Tree Canopy

Contribute to the creation, protection, and expansion of robust urban forests.

Goal 7. Water Conservation

Improve citywide water efficiency.


Objectives: The overall objective of this program is to increase urban tree canopy coverage throughout the city of Charlottesville. Parks and Recreation plans to fulfill this objective through spring and fall planting of tree saplings. Additional objectives include the replacement of dead/dying trees, and further contribute to canopy coverage (in addition to all the ecological services provided by trees).

Status: Urban Tree canopy now accounts for approximately 40% of the total area. Parks and Recreation will consistently increase canopy coverage through focused planting on city owned properties (public rights of way, schools, cemeteries, and public parks), and will continue to encouragement for private landowners to plant trees and make use of city programs that contribute to tree plantings and other ecological enhancement installations.

Cost Estimate

Operating Impacts

Operating impacts to be determined in the future.