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ENGAGE CAMARILLO is the name of Camarillo's Community Engagement Strategy. Our strategy is a process--a continual improvement process that revolves around understanding, education and two-way communication. We recognize that in order to "Engage Camarillo" that we need to better understand the communication needs and preferences of our community; we need to educate our community on the roles and responsibilities of local government; we need to meet our community where they are, and provide them with the tools that they need to engage in a dialogue with the City Council and City staff about projects, processes and services. We invite you to join the conversation, to learn about our strategy and to participate in opportunities for engagement.

Department Stories

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Learn about who we are and how we serve your community.

Open City Hall

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Share your good ideas with us. Your input can help shape the future of Camarillo!

Financial Transparency

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Learn how your tax dollars are spent as we provide financial transparency to the community.

Check Out What We're Working on Now!

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Keeping our Community Informed about COVID-19 | www.cityofcamarillo.org/covid19

Microgrid Feasibility Study | Learn More

Housing Element Update | Learn More

Learn more about Camarillo's Community Engagement Strategy "Engage Camarillo" below.

Initial Approach to Community Engagement