Cabarrus County awarded $1,937,244 to nine (9) organizations providing afterschool care and childcare to residents in Cabarrus County.

This dashboard provides a list of organizations and their programs funded along with performance measures related to the funding category. The performance measures track outputs for the organizations and references the U.S. Department of Treasury's goal to encourage the use of funds that promote strong, equitable growth, including racial equity.


Performance Measures - yEAR 1

Organizations and Programs

Bethel Enrichment Center - $301,141

Program: Create a new computer hub for students (tutoring, programs) and adults (training); provide summer camps for students.

Boy Scouts of America - $267,400

Program: ScoutReach Program identifies and targets at risk youth living in Cabarrus County.

Boys & Girls Club of Cabarrus County - $360,000

Program: Offer extended learning opportunities and educational enrichment programming during non-school hours; Provide meals for afterschool and summer members.

Logan Community Child Development Center - $293,800

Program: Logan Community CDC is a 5-star rated facility licensed to serve children from six weeks to 12 years old. Funding would bring facility back to full staffing capable of serving up to 164 children.

International Center for Community Development - $194,754

Program: “Literacy Changes Life for the GOOD” through academic mentoring, sound after-school tutoring, STEM mentor, summer learning, and “Early” Learning programs.

Hope Chapel - $144,440

Program: Provide a new, affordable afterschool care option for County residents to support social, emotional and academic development.

El Puente Hispano - $26,208

Program: Prevent and help mitigate COVID spread among the Latino population; address educational disparities by continuing to support Latino children in our after school program, and address health disparities by continuing connecting the Latino community with local resources while assisting local agencies in their efforts to connect to the Latino community.

Families First of cabarrus county - $250,000

Program: Childcare Community Network Initiative fills a gap in services for families with children 0 to 3 years of age and builds a more robust childcare ecosystem in Cabarrus County that is bold and works

families first NC-Inc - $99,500

Program: Court-based services to provide visitation between children and family members