Financial Structure, Policy and Process


Amendments to the Budget Ordinance

Except as otherwise restricted by law, the Board may amend the budget ordinance at any time after the ordinance's adoption in any manner, so long as the ordinance, as amended, continues to satisfy the statutory requirements. However, except as otherwise provided in this section, no amendment may increase or reduce a property tax levy or in any manner alter a property taxpayer's liability, unless a court of competent jurisdiction or State agency having the power to compel the levy of taxes orders the board to do so.

If after July 1, the County receives revenues that are substantially more or less than the amount anticipated, the Board may, before January 1 following adoption of the budget, amend the budget ordinance to reduce or increase the property tax levy to account for the unanticipated increase or reduction in revenues.

As allowed by statute, the Board has authorized the County Manager and/or Budget Director, or designee to transfer moneys from one appropriation to another or within the same fund, or modify revenue and expenditure projections, subject to such limitations and procedures as it may prescribe. The budget ordinance includes these limitations and procedures.