Roberta Road Middle School

FY2024 Capital Budget

Roberta Road Middle School

Department: Cabarrus County Schools

Function: Education

Project Title: Roberta Road Middle School

Type: New

Status: Future

Total Cost: $6,673,074

Year Funded: 2022

Project Description

New Middle School

Background & Justification/Status

CCS maintains 42 facilities county wide, of those 18% are over 45 years old. These schools require replacement in order to meet CCS needs as defined by 10 year plan. These replacements are required to bring learning facilities to current building/fire/DPI code and provide adequate learning spaces.

Impact If Not Funded and Maximum Time it Can be Delayed

Continued impact on current operating budget to maintain failing systems. Failure to provide adequate learning environment to meet CCS needs and building/fire/DPI code requirements.