Frank Liske Park Multiple Projects

FY2024 Capital Budget

Frank Liske Park Multiple Projects

Department: Active Living & Parks

Function: Culture and Recreation

Project Title: Frank Liske Park Multiple Projects

Type: New

Status: In Progress

Total Cost: $ 5,000,000

Years Funded: 2022

Project Description

Future development consists of a water spray ground, additional parking and lighting, water reclamation will be included as well as a concession/restroom facility (2021) and replacing existing boathouse for better service and storage.

Background & Justification/Status

The water spray ground will provide a face lift for the park and enhance quality of life of the citizens by providing a service that was considered the #1 desired amenity from the 2015 Master Plan. Additionally, this would be a revenue producing facility to help offset the operating costs. A study on the facility was performed in 2000 for potential revenue-producing amenities and a spray ground was the number one item identified. The new projects will enhance the quality of life of residents and increase accessibility of services by adding a new amenity. Additionally, the boat dock area will be renovated and additional docks will be added.

Impact If Not Funded and Maximum Time it Can be Delayed

These amenities would provide potential to produce substantial revenue and provide more reasons to utilize the park. Use of the park could drop if no new amenities are added. Many years have gone by without new amenities that can support resident needs. Therefore, the project should not be delayed any further.