FY2024 Capital Budget


Department: Courthouse

Function: Public Safety

Project Title: Courthouse

Type: New

Status: In Progress

Total Cost: $75,000,000

Years Funded: 2022

Project Description

Construction of a new Cabarrus County Courthouse and an interior and exterior renovation of the existing courthouse. The same services would be offered for a much larger population.

Background & Justification/Status

With the growing population of the County, the courthouse facilities will require expansion to meet the needs of the judicial system and the community. This increase in population has also provided ADA and safety issues that need to be considered in design and construction. In 2009, Moseley prepared a Courts Study and Master Plan which included space needs for the courts. As we approach the time for expansion/relocation, more details will be available for the required space needs. This expansion/relocation was estimated to be needed by FY 2012, but due to the economic climate funding for this project, it has been pushed back indefinitely. This project aligns with Goal 3 of the Strategic Plan. The new courthouse would provide more opportunity for services due to increased space. Therefore, the project would maximize the value of County investments, expenditures and services.