American Rescue Plan Act Strategy


Cabarrus County awarded $8,884,993 to seven (7) organizations providing housing services to residents in Cabarrus County.

This dashboard provides a list of organizations and their programs funded along with performance measures related to the funding category. The performance measures track outputs for the organizations and references the U.S. Department of Treasury's goal to encourage the use of funds that promote strong, equitable growth, including racial equity.

Performance Measures - Year 3


Performance Measures - YEAR 1

Organizations and Programs

Concord Family Enrichment Association (WeBuild) - $5,000,000

Program: Purchase land, properties, or units (joint ventures included) to develop affordable housing to serve households at or below 80 percent of the area median income (AMI). Add at least 80 units.

Cooperative Christian Ministry - $2,082,820

Program: Purchase land and build housing for The Grace Place and/or The Rebuilders Campus projects.

Habitat for Humanity - $963,282

Program: Affordable Housing programs, Homeownership and Critical Repairs services.

Operation Decisive Victory - $85,000

Program: Serve the rising number of homeless and at-risk families specifically within the veteran and first responder communities.

Salvation Army - $300,000

Program: Provides 28 of the 34 emergency beds in Cabarrus County, including the sole room set aside for families with children.

Opportunity House - $197,891

Program: Day shelter provides assistance to an average of 43 people a day including meals, showers, and healthcare, but also computer lab sessions, for continuing education; and clothing closet visits, to keep cool or warm depending on the season.

Prosperity Unlimited - $256,000

Programs: Mortgage assistance program of up to $35,000 per household. Housing assistance for homeowners without mortgages to assist with funds to cover other housing related costs such as homeowner’s insurance, taxes, HOA, etc.

Legal aid to assist homeowners with negotiating with the HOA if foreclosure proceeding has already begun or working with the servicer when the activity moves from a financial issue to legal action.