southeast cabarrus library & Senior center

FY2024 Capital Budget

Southeast Cabarrus Library & Senior Center

Department: Library

Function: Culture and Recreation

Project Title: Southeast Cabarrus Library and Senior Center

Type: New

Status: In Progress

Total Cost: TBD

Years Funded: 2026

Project Description

This facility will accommodate the need for Library and Senior programs and events as well aspotentially the Lunch Plus Club for the Midland community and southern area of Cabarrus County.The facility will allow an accessible location in this community to provide access to all availableservices and/or resources that provide support to older adults and library patrons.

Background & Justification/Status

A void exists for services for older adults in the southern part of the county. With 10,000 folks per dayturning 65, and will for 6 more years, the over 65 population will grow for Cabarrus County as well asother regions. The demand cannot be met by the existing senior center facilities. Additionally, thecounty has a need for a larger library branch to serve the Harrisburg area.

Impact If Not Funded and Maximum Time it Can be Delayed

Libraries and senior centers provide programs that promote wellness, saving resources in the longrun for the county especially as it relates to healthcare.