emergency medical services (EMS) Headquarters

FY2024 Capital Budget

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Headquarters

Department: Emergency Medical Services

Function: Public Safety

Project Title: EMS Headquarters

Type: New

Status: Future

Total Cost: $17,768,902

Years Funded: 2022

Project Description

Creation of an Emergency Medical Services Headquarters Base. This will result in a centralized location for primary EMS resources, EMS disaster equipment, EMS training, and community education at the old Fair Grounds.

Background & Justification/Status

The current primary location at 31 Willowbrook Drive in Concord has served a dual role as a station and headquarters since 1978. Currently, three ambulances, one supervisor, two administrative staff, one community paramedic, and two senior managers share this space along with storage of medical supplies. Training is currently conducted at the Cabarrus Sheriff Department center or other available locations. Gaps have been identified in the storage of bulk medical supplies, disaster resources, specialty resources, and spare ambulances. This EMS organization lacks administrative and identity functionality as a result of its current headquarters arrangement. EMS services and staffing will look different in the future as a result of the dynamic nature of healthcare.

Impact If Not Funded and Maximum Time it Can be Delayed

EMS has been extremely effective in the delivery of service and use of space within the current parameters. We have reached our maximum efficiency and creativity with the current headquarters arrangement.