Northwest High School (NEW)

FY2024 Capital Budget

Northwest High School (New)

Department: Cabarrus County Schools

Function: Education

Project Title: New High School

Type: New

Status: Future

Total Cost: $7,260,000

Years Funded: 2022, 2028 (or later)

Project Description

CCS continues to grow in student population. Based on population growth, the next need for the school system is a high school located off of Kannapolis Parkway. The project also includes furniture, fixtures, and equipment (abbreviated as FF&E) and buses in FY 2028.

Background & Justification/Status

A new high school will provide seats for the growing student population. Due to overpopulation concerns with existing high schools and to keep pace with growth, an additional high school is required.

Impact If Not Funded and Maximum Time it Can be Delayed

By delaying this funding request, more mobile units will be needed to house students. Core facilities will not handle the additional students. Therefore, alternative schedules will need to be considered for use of the cafeterias, libraries, and gyms.