Cabarrus County awarded $3,930,000 to five (5) organizations providing healthcare services to residents in Cabarrus County.

´╗┐This dashboard provides a list of organizations and their programs funded along with performance measures related to the funding category. The performance measures track outputs for the organizations and references the U.S. Department of Treasury's goal to encourage the use of funds that promote strong, equitable growth, including racial equity.

Performance Measures - Year 3


Performance measures - year 1

Organizations and Programs

Cabarrus Health Alliance - $3,275,000

Program: Funding for a Concord location, Community Health Workers, Mobile Health Clinic, and more.

Piedmont Residential Development Center - $30,000

Program: Provide 24-hour care to individuals who have disabilities

Coltrane L.I.F.E. Center - $50,000

Program: Adult day health care program that provides health care, meals, transportation, personal care services, activities and other supportive services to seniors and adults with disabilities.

Community Free Clinic - $300,000

Program: Provide low-income, uninsured Cabarrus County adults with access to comprehensive healthcare and pharmacy services. CFC is the only healthcare provider in Cabarrus County with both a clinic and in-house pharmacy that provides free medical care and prescription medication at no cost to uninsured adults.

Cabarrus Rowan Community Health Centers, Inc. - $275,000

Program: Provide primary care to uninsured Cabarrus County residents aged 19-64. This program focuses on individuals who are uninsured, low-income, and disproportionately poor. Estimated target population to be reached is 2,000 people who otherwise would forgo health care.