West Cabarrus Library Branch & Senior Center

FY2024 Capital Budget

West Cabarrus Library & Senior Center

Department: Library

Function: Culture and Recreation

Project Title: West Cabarrus Library and Senior Center

Type: New

Status: In Progress

Total Cost: TBD

Years Funded: 2024

Project Description

A larger full-service library will need to be built in the western part of Cabarrus County due to increasing population. There could be efficiencies and a benefit to service provision by building the library and senior center together with some shared space.

Background & Justification/Status

Since the Concord Library was built in 1977, the population of Concord has grown over 300%. Specifically, residents in western Cabarrus County are currently underserved by a library within reasonable driving distance. Historically the County has funded the architectural planning and design, while the municipality and/or private citizens have funded the construction, furniture, fixtures and equipment. However, the budget below reflects the full cost. Due to the termination of the Senior Center facility use agreement with the Cannon Memorial YMCA and the closing of the Murdock Senior Center, the demand cannot be met by the existing senior center facilities. There are 10,000 folks per day turning 65 and will for 5 more years. There is demand for a Senior Center on the west side of Cabarrus County, the most heavily populated area.

Impact If Not Funded and Maximum Time it Can be Delayed

If not funded, the other libraries in the County will continue to be crowded and over utilized. This request should be delayed no later than 8 years (2023). Since construction, furniture, fixtures, and equipment are dependent on donations from municipalities, foundations, and individuals, the project is only viable at some time in the future. Senior Centers provide programs that promote wellness saving resources in the long run for the County especially as it relates to healthcare. If not funded, seniors may choose other locations to live and nursing homes and assisted living facilities will see an increase along with more health care needs.