Remote Communications Central

Your repository for virtual meeting setup and participation

Preliminary Guidance

Governor Baker signed an order suspending parts of open meeting law to enable local decision-making during COVID-19 emergency. See that order here.

See Town Administrator Kleckner's Public Meeting Advisory here.

What tool is the Town using?


The Town has recently procured Zoom for Government (ZfG) and is in the process of transitioning from Webex to this new platform which will be used to support internal virtual meetings and external public meetings.

I'm a Chair what do I need to run a meeting?

The Chair or his/her designee (such as a dedicated staff member) should be the meeting host.

Please read these security tips to avoid disruptions to the meeting.

Please see the guides below for tips on setting up and running meetings using Webex below.

I'm a member of the public. How do I participate?!

Brookline Interactive Groups live meeting Stream on YouTube found here.

The BIG Facebook stream can be found here.

Instructions for remote meetings other than Select Board and School Committee can be found in the meeting notice when meeting are posted to the Town Calendar. You can participate in the meeting via phone or web.

Zoom Meetings

Ideal for- smaller groups where the "host" can manage muting participants and directing questions to the appropriate participants. Participants can call in by phone or join the meeting using the website posted in the meeting notice.

Zoom Webinar

This feature is best used for larger groups where there may be a large number of participants and attendees.

To move forward as a host you must:

• Review and complete the Meeting Checklist

• Review Security Best Practice Tips

• Identify a co-host

• Host a test Zoom Webinar with 15+ people and invite IT staff to participate. During this meeting you should demonstrate your proficiency with the items covered in the checklist.

Please bear with us as we rapidly change to this new technology.