Town of Brewster, Massachusetts

Town Moderator

Section II - General Government: 1141 Town Moderator


The Town Moderator is elected annually for a one-year term to preside at all Town Meetings; and is also responsible for making appointments to the Finance Committee and Brewster’s representatives to the Cape Cod Technical Regional High School.

The Town Moderator is the presiding officer of the annual town meeting, held on the first Monday of May, and any other special town meeting that may be called by the Select Board during the year. During town meeting, the Moderator announces and explains the articles contained in the meeting warrant, conducts the discussion of each article, makes rulings on the articles and any proposed amendments to the articles, calls for a vote on each article, and announces the results of each vote.

The Town Moderator is the final authority on all procedural issues that arise during town meeting. Our Town bylaws instruct that Town Meeting Time, a handbook of parliamentary law, be used as the procedural basis for conducting town meeting, except as otherwise provided by the town bylaws or state law. Our traditional open town meeting is the embodiment of grass roots democracy, which is open to participation by all Brewster registered voters. Town meeting is the legislative body for the Town of Brewster, and its’ most fundamental responsibilities include government structure, town finances and legislation.

Budget Highlights

  • The budget represents represents level funding for the stipend for the Town Moderator at $300.