Town of Brewster, Massachusetts


Section II - General Government: 1471 Treasurer/Collector

Mission Statement

The Treasurer-Tax Collector is responsible for receipt, investment, and disbursement of all Town funds. The Treasurer’s office:

  • Receives all Town funds.
  • Handles short and long-term borrowing.
  • Manages tax title accounts.
  • Pays the Town’s bills, payroll and benefits.
  • Processes real estate, personal property, motor vehicle excise, and boat excise bills.

Accomplishments for FY2022

  • Assisted Water Department as they implemented their new billing and collections system.
  • Worked with Finance Team on Sea Camps Acquisition.
  • Worked with Finance Team on maintaining AAA Bond Rating.
  • Implemented CRT (Cash Receipts Turnover) module in Vadar.
  • Maintained Payroll and Benefits function while having a member of the Department out with a 3 month leave of absence.
  • Hired and trained new Department Assistant following retirement of long-term employee.
  • Consistently balanced cash and receivables with Accounting Department (including Water Receivables).
  • Maintained high tax collection rate.

Goals & Initiatives for FY2023

  • Continue to maintain a high tax collection rate.
  • Work to have Harpers Payroll Employee Self Service up and running.
  • Continue to provide professional development opportunities for staff members.
  • Continue to work with the Finance Team on the implementation of Department of Revenue recommendations.

Budget Highlights

  • The budget represents a $39,396 (12.65%) increase over the FY22 budget.
  • The expense for our payroll software, Harpers $25,000 was in the IT budget in FY22.
  • There is a decrease of $8,000 from a one time FY22 expense - in FY22, we paid for temporary help services through AccountTemps to assist with payroll processing while an employee was on a leave of absence.