Town of Brewster, Massachusetts


Section II - General Government: 1351 Accountant

Mission Statement

The Accounting Department protects the financial interests of the Town by overseeing the Town’s finances and by ensuring that financial transactions are executed legally and efficiently. The Department is responsible for day-to-day management of the Town’s financial records, accounts payable, internal and external audit, compliance with applicable state laws and town policies, and maintenance of the Town’s accounting system. The Department interacts closely with other Town entities to establish policies and procedures that ensure fiscal accountability for all Town departments.

Accomplishments for FY2022

  • Timely and accurately closed FY21 for the certification of Free Cash, the FY22 Tax Rate Recap, and all other annual reports submitted to the Department of Revenue.
  • Assisted with the conversion of the payroll software lead by the Treasurer’s office. Conversion is complete.
  • Managed all Covid-19 related expenses for FEMA, the Cares Act Coronavirus Relief Program, and ARPA. Required to stay current with state and federal guidance related to Covid relief funds since March 2020.
  • Currently working with independent auditor on FY21 audit.
  • Currently working with various department heads on approx. 25 active grants (State, Federal, & County grants.
  • Created a new chart of accounts for Brewster’s general ledger. 'Go-live' date was 7/1/21.
  • Continue to work with the Finance Team on developing and implementing Financial Policies.
  • Currently working on FY23 budget with Finance Team and department heads.
  • Currently working on FY23 Capital with Capital Planning Committee and internal management.
  • Assisted with software conversion for the water department to move their billing, collections, and reporting to Vadar financial software. Worked with Treasurer/Collector to get water receivable accounts to balance to the general ledger. 'Go-live' date was in May 2021. Conversion was successful.
  • Implemented decentralized data entry of departmental receipts (in conjunction with Treasurer/Collector).
  • Implemented budgeting software for departmental budgets and capital; will eventually serve as external reporting platform for town finances as well.

Goals & Initiatives for FY2023

  • Continue to manage and reconcile pandemic related expenses and stay current with state and federal guidance.
  • Continue to manage and reconcile state/federal grants with department heads and Project Manager.
  • Continue to expand the utilization of technology to gain efficiencies and eliminate duplication of efforts.
  • Research and possibly implement fixed assets software to manage the town’s depreciable assets.
  • Continue to learn and utilize OpenGov for financial reports and transparency.

Budget Highlights

  • The budget represents a $22,283 (9.64%) increase over the FY22 budget.
  • An increase of $7,000 is provided for annual audit services due to the planned RFP and potential change in provider.
  • An increase of $4,281.70 is provided for an increase in hours for the Assistant Town Accountant position, in order to increase productivity in the office.
  • The remaining increase in personnel services reflects contractual obligations and the implementation of the Compensation and Class Study.