Town of Brewster, Massachusetts


Section II - Culture & Recreation: 6351 Golf

Mission Statement

Brewster’s Golf Department operates the Captains Golf Courses, two 18-hole public courses. Membership options are available to town residents and non-residents. Services available include a clubhouse, pro shop, lessons, driving range, putting greens, cart rentals, golf leagues, tournament play, and a restaurant. Members and non-members may reserve tee times.

Accomplishments for FY2022

  • Continued to adhere to COVID-19 protocols in order to be fully operational, while keeping the public safe.
  • Oversaw the most rounds ever played, (93,726).
  • Hired a new Director of Operations, Assistant Operations/Pro Shop Manager, Assistant Operations Manager, Assistant Superintendent, full-time Groundsman, and full-time Senior Departmental Assistant.
  • Increased communication with members and non-members to publicize events at Captains.
  • Oversaw ongoing course improvements including bunker renovation, forward tee construction, sink hole repair, lysimeter and corresponding well installation for nitrogen mitigation.
  • Completed erection of the solar canopy in the main parking lot and driving range.
  • Executed a new lease with Freemans Grill to operate the restaurant.
  • Saw an increase in membership that topped out at 1,260.
  • Hosted a major Massachusetts amateur event, with plans to host a major United States amateur event in the spring of 2022.
  • Ended Fiscal Year 2021 with over $1.46 Million in retained earnings.
  • Projected to exceed Fiscal Year 2022 revenue projections by over $300,000.

Goals & Initiatives for FY2023

  • Continue to create the best overall golf experience on Cape Cod through great course conditions, customer service and outstanding food and beverage operation.
  • Finalize a five year financial forecast that can be used to ensure a successful operation and healthy Retained Earnings balance.
  • Work closely with Town Hall, especially the Finance Department, to create a normalized ten-year capital plan that will address the needs of the golf course and property.
  • Continue to improve golf course conditions through in-house construction and maintenance.
  • Work with the Department of Natural Resources and Horsley Witten Group, our engineering firm, to monitor our nitrogen levels as part of the Pleasant Bay Watershed initiative.
  • Complete Capital projects that will enhance the golf course as well as its theme, and will allow us to maximize profits, and meet the highest standards.

Budget Highlights

  • The budget represents a $558,179 (15.14%) increase over the FY22 budget.
  • Wage increases reflect contractual obligations, implementation of the Compensation & Class Study and an entire year of the new maintenace/custodial position that was approved at the November Special Town meeting.
  • Part time wages and Overtime increase reflects an increase in hourly rates.
  • Fertilizers, fungicides, insectides and wetting agents have all been increased to reflect actual price increases in these products due to supply and demand.
  • Seed, sod and sand have also all been increased to reflect actual price increases in these products due to supply and demand.
  • Rubbish Removal/Sanitation has been decreased due to the hiring of a full time custodial/maintenace position that was previously contracted out. Custodial supplies were increased by $2,000.
  • General electricity and electricity to run the irrigation pumps have been increased by 6% based on projected FY23 electric rates.
  • A new line item called utility expense in the amount of $4,688 to cover the CVEC administrative fees related to the new solar car ports.
  • R&M equipment and R&M Irrigation were increased due to the age of the current equipment and irrigation systems.
  • Scorecards were increased by $1,000 to cover actual costs for this product.
  • The Golf course is assessed for its' share of Health insurance, Life insurance, Pension, OPEB and Medicare; these reflect the actual amounts.
  • The Golf course pays for its' own liability, property and workers compensation insurance. This is an estimate of an 3% increase. Actual numbers have not been received yet.
  • The Golf course pays indirect costs to the Town. These charges have been updated to reflect the actual share percentages
  • The Golf course will be transitioning to an Enterprise Fund in FY23. It is important that all true expenses and current and future capital are accounted for. To this end, a capital stabilization fund will be established for FY23 and $400,000 is being transferred to this fund, based on revenue projections.

Supplemental Information