Town of Brewster, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Tech High School

Section III - Education: 3031 Cape Cod Tech High School


Cape Cod Regional Technical High School is a public vocational and technical high school located in Harwich, Massachusetts. The school accepts students from Brewster.

Budget Highlights

  • The CC Tech Assessment to Brewster represents a $290,270 (35.17%) increase over the FY22 budget.
  • The major driver for the increase is that the number of Brewster students went up 18 from 41 students to 59 Brewster students. Total enrollment stands at 653.
  • The actual CC Tech overall budget had an increase of 1.99% from $15,812,000 in FY22 to $16,127,000 in FY23, exclusive of debt for the new school.
  • A full account of the CC Tech budget can be found in the supplemental materials.

Supplemental Information