Town of Brewster, Massachusetts


Section II - Culture & Recreation: 6301 Recreation

Mission Statement

The Brewster Recreation Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all Brewster residents, by striving to provide the best leisure opportunities in our community through exceptional programs and services. The purpose of the Recreation Department is to meet the diverse recreational, cultural, athletic and leisure-time pursuits of the residents of Brewster with a broad based comprehensive program. Recreational programs are organized to encourage participation and enjoyment and will be held at safe and well-equipped facilities on a year-round basis.

Accomplishments for FY2022

  • Worked with Drummer Boy Park Committee to evaluate potential upgrades to the park according to the new Master Plan.
  • Completed and submitted the updated Open Space and Recreation Plan.
  • Striped two new pickleball courts at the community courts at Stony Brook Elementary School.
  • Started the ADA upgrade of the Freemans Fields with CPC funds and help from DPW.
  • Brought back most programing, including the summer playground program.

Goals & Initiatives for FY2023

  • Work with CCSC planning committees to evaluate potential recreational uses for both properties.
  • Discuss need for potential "Parks & Recreation" department and consider which properties fall under P & R jurisdiction.
  • Continue our ADA improvements to other town fields, including Town Hall, Gages, and the rest of Freemans Way.
  • Irrigation analysis at Freemans Way fields, as well as field improvements to the two Little League fields.
  • Examine all current programs to determine potential improvements.

Budget Highlights

  • The budget represents a $19,830 (9.34%) increase over the FY22 budget.
  • An increase of $5,916 is provided in the Seasonal Salary line, in order to attract new applicants with a competitive wage and increase lifeguard hours.
  • An increase of $1,000 is provided in the Facility Maintenance line in order to absorb costs associated with improvements to fields and facilities.
  • Remaining personnel service increases are due to contractual obligations and the implementation of the Compensation and Class Study.
  • A portion of Recreation program expenses, wages and related expenses are funded through the Recreation Revolving fund. Information is provided in the supplemental budget and department link.

Supplemental Information