DCM Finance

Why do we exist?

The mission of the Finance Deputy County Manager is to ensure financial integrity, transparency and accountable use of taxpayer dollars by overseeing and supporting the Finance Division, providing guidance to the other county departments, and adhering to financial policies and procedures that align with industry best practices.

What do we do?

  • The Finance Division oversees: Accounting & Budget, Information Technology, and the Operations Excellence Office
  • Serves as liaison to the internal and external auditors, as well as to the elected offices of the Assessor and Treasurer
  • Departments within the division are responsible for developing the annual and biennial budgets and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), managing and maintaining the county’s information technology infrastructure, systems, and ensuring alignment to strategic plan by working with departments to develop and report objectives and performance measures
  • The Finance Division is responsible for the issuance of bonds, and through its efforts the county maintains the highest possible (AAA) bond rating
  • Departments within this division fulfill the county’s strategic plan goal of government accountability, ensuring transparency and accountable use of taxpayer dollars

Accounting & Budget

Assessor's Office

Information Technology

Operations Excellence Office

Treasurer's Office