Strategic Plan- Goal 5

Goal 5:

Initiate a plan to accommodate balanced growth through infill and community development within targeted areas of the City.

Lead Parties: Mike McFee

Staff Assigned: Linda Roper, David Prichard, Ken Meola


We welcome opportunities to expand our population and to expand the revenue streams that accompany new development. Expansion within relatively fixed borders calls on us to look inward for opportunities. Through thoughtful infill we can stabilize, enhance, and promote preservation in select neighborhoods. Increasing occupation of once struggling properties creates broad, deep communities of individuals who value the beauty of Beaufort. We put a street-by-street plan in an overall 5-year project context.

Measures of Success

1. Target areas for redevelopment throughout the city to be identified and analyzed for quantifiable redevelopment goals.

Target Date: 6/30/19

2. City-wide redevelopment incentives revised and disseminated by 6/30/19 and assessed annually for use/effectiveness.

Target Date: 6/30/19

3. Value of added buildings to tax base summarized annually, showing increase in new tax revenues year-to-year.

Target Date: 6/30/20

4. 25 new houses or buildings constructed or under-construction in the Street-by-Street project areas (Carteret to Ribaut/Duke to Boundary; not including properties facing Boundary Street) by close-out of the 5-year project. The full Street-by-Street timeframe is 7/1/17 to 6/30/21.

Target Date: 6/30/21


1. Complete and close out the Street-by-Street: Greene Street project.

2. Start the Street-by-Street: Congress/Baggett Street (1/1/2020); close out by 6/30/2021 (same analysis, walkabout, incentives, letters to property owners).

3. Utilize Civic Master Plan, 2019 Comprehensive Plan and existing Redevelopment District documents to create a list of new and revised redevelopment target areas within the city.

4. Revise the City-wide Redevelopment Initiatives program to match the city’s priorities and needs in the redevelopment target areas.

5. Analyze the property tax implications of all new construction in the city on an annual basis, cumulative and broken out by targeted redevelopment areas, including analysis of factors such as the Bailey Bill and other tax abatement programs for redevelopment properties.

6. Expand scope of the committee to include broader community development goals.

7. Use on-line survey to discover causes for residential leakage and what amenities the broader community would prioritize. Develop targeted outreach and incentives to attract investment toward the goal.