Strategic Plan- Goal 4

Goal 4:

Through tourism and an active, vibrant downtown, attract those who wish to relocate their offices and businesses here to live, work, and play by capitalizing on that which gives Beaufort unmatched quality of life opportunities.

Lead Parties: Nan Brown Sutton

Staff Assigned: Linda Roper, David Prichard, Rhonda Carey, Kathy Todd


The City of Beaufort is one of South Carolina’s most historic and iconic cities, with a vibrant Low country character, well-preserved historic buildings, and a natural beauty and lifestyle that attracts visitors and inspires devotion in residents. The City has worked to maintain the vibrancy and economic viability of the Downtown Commercial Core and our historic sites. Our Downtown, a strong anchor for the community and a prime destination for visitors, requires ongoing attention to ensure sustainability.

The Waterfront Park is broadly enjoyed by our residents and our guests as they take in the beauty of Beaufort River. The playground is frequented by children as their parent’s watch nearby. We consider our Marina and the Waterfront Park to be jewels, which must be polished from time to time. Now is such a time.

Measures of Success

1. Three (3) vacant or underutilized properties in downtown are redeveloped.

Target Date: 6/30/20

2. Assessment of business license trend data on new or closed businesses as well as locations.

Target Date: 6/30/20

3. Comprehensive long-range plan for the Waterfront Park & marina created.

Target Date: 12/30/21

4. Infrastructure plan for the Waterfront Park.

Target Date: 12/31/19

5. Playground master-plan created, approved.

Target Date: 12/31/19

6. Create and disseminate community calendar of events.

Target Date: 12/31/2019

7. Explore creation of façade improvement program for retail establishments.

Target Date: 6/30/20

8. Explore incentives for increasing a more diverse retail base.

Target Date: 12/31/20

9. Manage physical side of tourism (e.g., parking, shuttle service, ferry service).

Target Date: On Going


1. Collaborate with, and advocate for, effective partner organizations with missions that foster a vibrant and active downtown, and complement other redevelopment economic growth initiatives.

  • Annually convene a meeting or meetings with representatives from the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Merchants Association, TBD Downtown Management organization/department, Restaurant & Lodging Association, Cultural District Advisory Board and National Park Service Reconstruction Era Monument to collaborate on their goals and those of the City. (marketing, ambassadors, enhancements/incentives, business mix).

2. Annually evaluate multi-year data on collection, distribution and policies/ordinances on Parking Fees, Accommodations Tax Fees and Hospitality Tax Fees to determine how available funds can best be leveraged for Downtown initiatives.

3. Maintain a Downtown Property & Business Inventory, regularly updating the status of properties and working with property owners and/or businesses to encourage development of unutilized or under-utilized properties for residential or commercial use.

  • Merge & expand the existing inventories to cover all of City; distribute quarterly.

  • Meet with owners of vacant or underutilized properties in downtown to explore development opportunities including type of use, financing, incentives, and other resources.

  • Assess the health and stability of the business climate through annual evaluation of multi-year business license data, segregated by geographic boundaries of the downtown core, the downtown as a whole, the City as a whole.

4. Champion and encourage aligned evening hours or other marketing ideas through incentive program.