City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023

Department Mission Statement

In a spirit of excellence, integrity, and dedication, the Finance Department is committed to providing timely, accurate, clear and complete information in accordance with Generally Accepted Governmental Accounting Standards; to support other city departments, citizens, and the community at large; to develop, implement and monitor fiscal policies and procedures that ensure a financially strong and effective city government; and to maintain a secure and reliable technological infrastructure.

Organizational Excellence

Objective 15: Sustainability in finance, infrastructure and planning

Initiative 15.2 – Include Strategic Plan in annual budget document.

In FY 22, the Finance Department initiated and completed the online budget document incorporating the strategic plan and interactive user features.
The FY 23 online budget book will be submitted for GFOA budget award program to conform to new standards.

Initiative 15.4 – Increase efficiency in online payment receipt and processing.

The Finance Department will continue to grow and expand the use of the online payment portal to enhance customer service.

Initiative 15.5- Capture data connected to projects in one place

Enhancements to the transparency portal will be designed in FY23 capturing financial data on capital projects and incorporating progress status and

non-financial information.


Department Expenditures