Stormwater Fund

City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023


This new fund was created to account for the collections of Stormwater Utility fees and the associated costs of maintaining the City's Stormwater Management activity.

Key Areas of Focus

A Safe & Vibrant City

Objective 2: Provide accessible public facilities and spaces

Initiative 2.7 – Continue to manage flood infrastructure projects, including Johnny Morrall, Allison Road, Broad Street, Hay Street, Lafayette Street,

Kings Ridge, Calhoun Street, and The Point.

•Performance Measures: Work with engineering and construction firms to come up with best practices in reducing flooding within these critical areas and

continued preventative maintenance beyond post construction.

Objective 3: Provide strong public safety support

Initiative 3.1 – Maintain service level provisions for the Police, Fire, and Public Works departments.

•Performance Measures: To provide quality training to staff, maintain the proper equipment for the job, and a timely response to concerns.

Fund Revenues and Expenditures