Strategic Plan- Goal 3

Goal 3:

Create and coordinate programs and opportunities for the development of housing that is affordable, for different segments of our populace, to be constructed in the City to provide the needed housing for our workforce.

Lead Parties: Phil Cromer

Staff Assigned: David Prichard and Deborah Johnson


By 2027, if not sooner, the supply of affordable housing is expected to fall short for many income groups but especially for relatively lower-income renters and higher-income home buyers, even taking into account new units in the development pipeline. The recent study on housing completed by the County shows the need very clearly. If we are going to be successful with our economic development plans affordable housing must be made available. There is a need now, and by 2027 the need is expected to peak.

Measures of Success

1. Creation of a comprehensive plan, together with other community groups and the County that will be communicated to Council and adopted for implementation.

Target Date: 12/31/19

2. Work with developers to achieve at least a 10% reduction in the affordable housing needs via new construction.

Target Date: 12/31/20

3. Review City ordinances and permitting requirements to insure affordable housing needs can be met.

Target Date: 12/31/19

4. Develop a list of site locations where affordable housing could be located.

Target Date: 06/30/20

5. Explore financing alternatives, incentives that could be utilized in addressing the housing shortage.

Target Date: 06/30/20


1. Establish a committee of interested stakeholders to develop an action plan to address the short and long-term issues of affordable housing.

4. Meet with builders and developers to obtain a clear understanding of the key cost issues that affect building affordable housing.

2. Develop a list of all code, zoning, and ordinance issues that must be reviewed to streamline the process and regulation of building affordable housing.

3. Coordinate with the County and the Housing Authority on programs that could be of common interest.