Fire Department

City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023

Department Mission Statement

The Mission of the Fire Department is to provide public safety and emergency services to the City of Beaufort and Town of Port Royal in a way that the department is intricately woven into the fabric of the community.

The Fire Department will take a customer service oriented approach every time we contact a member of our community and provide empathy, understanding and kindness to everyone we meet.

A Safe & Vibrant City

Objective 3: Provide strong public safety support

Initiative 3.1 – Maintain service level provisions for the Police, Fire, and Public Works departments.

The fire department maintains a high level of service and continues to build on its service level. Training, public education, and new equipment help the department maintain these service level provisions.

Initiative 3.2 – Continue to publish law enforcement and firefighting data on website and social media. The fire department tracks and reports incidents numbers, response times, and event updates on social media weekly. The department website has been updated to reflect the new members and their titles.

Growth & Natural Resources

Objective 10: Manage annexation

Initiative 10.2– Expand delivery of services within the growth boundaries of the City.

The fire department continues to expand its medical service delivery within the City and Town. The department will continue to work with Beaufort County, MCAS, and MCRD to build relationships to provide efficient emergency services within the growth boundaries.

Organizational Excellence

Objective 13: Transparency in City Operations

Initiative 13.2 – Develop a digital dashboard to show progress on City initiatives.

• Performance Measures: The framework for the fire department component of the digital dashboard has been created.