Growth & Natural Resources

Objective 8: Manage growth boundaries

Status: On Track


8.1 Prepare small area plans for neighborhoods and districts.

8.2 Evaluate private and public assets for growth.

8.3 Evaluate environmental, municipal, and private constraints on growth.

8.4 Determine commercial and residential focus areas.

Measuring Progress: Objective 8

Initiative 8.1 In Progress Completed Ongoing

Plans approved by MPC/City Council

Initiative 8.2

Marketable inventory of assets X

Initiative 8.3

Report completed and provided to all stakeholders X

Initiative 8.4

Updated Comprehensive Plan X

Objective 9: Manage and encourage infill development

Status: On Track


9.1 Promote infill incentives.

9.2 Update the Beaufort Preservation Manual from 1979, known as the Milner Report.

9.3 Update the survey of above-ground structures in the Historic District.

Measuring Progress: Objective 9

Initiative 9.1 In Progress Completed Ongoing

Reduce number of vacant properties

Initiative 9.2

Publication of updated guidelines X

Initiative 9.3

Publication of updated list X

Objective 10: Manage annexation

Status: On Track


10.1 Focus annexation efforts on parcels surrounded by city limits and contingent properties in Tax District 100.

10.2 Expand delivery of services within the growth boundaries of the city.

Measuring Progress: Objective 10

Initiative 10.1 In Progress Completed Ongoing

Successful annexation petitions X X

Initiative 10.2

Service provision data in growth areas X

Objective 11: Plan for sea level rise

Status: On Track


11.1 Discourage development in hazard zones.

11.2 Engage community and other stakeholders in discussion, plans and actions related to sea level rise.

11.3 Develop mitigation and implementation strategies.

Storm looming

Measuring Progress: Objective 11

Initiative 11.1 In Progress Completed Ongoing

Updated flood damage ordinance X

Initiative 11.2

Transparency in efforts to safeguard city from flooding

Initiative 11.3

Project funding, construction and completion