City Manager Department

City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023

The mission of the City Manager department is to provide effective leadership and direction in the administration of policies established by the Mayor and City Council and to oversee, coordinate, and supervise the efficient operation and customer services provided by all City departments.

Current Strategic Plan Initiatives for Fiscal Year 2023

Initiative 2.3- Review for implementation the Southside Park plan.

Determine funding sources for Southside Park Plan – capital, grant, etc. Targeting phase 1 development.

Initiative 2.7 – Continue to manage flood infrastructure projects.

Bond funding allowing engineering work to begin on The Point as City looks for additional funding opportunities.

Initiative 13.1 – Continue live-streaming of all boards, commissions and public meetings.

Using tools such as Facebook Live and Zoom to promote transparency and encourage public input.

Budget Requests Needed to Help Achieve Fiscal Year 2023 Strategic Goal Initiatives

  • Continued partnership with marketing and communications services to provide accessible and transparent meetings.

  • Website improvement costs for redesign and improved functionality for the user.

Category and Reason for any Major Increases in Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

  • City Manager’s personnel increases mostly attributable to Deputy City Manager and Project Support Coordinator.
  • City Manager’s operating increases related to providing transparent meetings, executive recruiting costs and website improvements.