Organizational Excellence

Objective 12: Engage community stakeholders

Status: On Track


12.1 Establish separate training/education programs for board/commission members and citizens.

12.2 Continue to build social media presence, increase distribution of monthly newsletter, and increase subscriptions to Notify Me.

12.3 Increase use of surveys to gather more input from community on important city issues.

Measuring Progress: Objective 12

Initiative 12.1 In Progress Completed Ongoing

Training completed by board members X

Initiative 12.2

Increase number of newsletter, subscriptions X
Increase number of social media engagements X

Initiative 12.3

Surveys/ Community input X

Objective 13: Transparency in City operations

Status: On Track


13.1 Continue live-streaming of all boards, commissions, and public meetings. Encourage public comment through Zoom, Facebook, email and traditional means.

13.2 Develop a digital dashboard to show progress on City initiatives.

13.3 Promote availability of financial transparency tool.

Measuring Progress: Objective 13

Initiative 13.1 In Progress Completed Ongoing

Engagements and access to meetings X

Initiative 13.2

Complete dashboard X

Initiative 13.1

Financial transparency tool promotion

Objective 14: Provide responsive, efficient and innovative services

Status: On Track


14.1 Recruit and retain a diverse, educated, and high-performing workforce.

14.2 Establish a customer service academy for new hires.

14.3 Continue to find ways to make operations more efficient by sharing in regional services, such as fire, building inspections, code enforcement, etc.

Measuring Progress: Objective 14

Initiative 14.1 In Progress Completed Ongoing

High-performing workforce X

Initiative 14.2

Customer service academy X X

Initiative 14.3

Regional service partnerships

Objective 15: Sustainability in finance, infrastructure, and planning

Status: On Track


15.1 Advocate for a change in state legislation concerning the local government fund, changes in Act 388 to allow for local autonomy in taxing; and resist legislative overstep in business licensing regulation.

15.2 Include Strategic Plan in annual budget document.

15.3 Tie all capital purchases to identified initiatives in Strategic Plan.

15.4 Increase efficiency in online payment receipt and processing.

15.5 Capture data connected to projects in one place.

Measuring Progress: Objective 15

Initiative 15.1 In Progress Completed Ongoing

Changes in state law

Initiative 15.2

Connect budget/financial reports to objectives X

Initiative 15.3

Updated Capital Improvement Plan X

Initiative 15.4

Utilization rate of portal X X