Strategic Plan 2021-2023

Where History, Charm, and Business Thrive

Our Vision

We will ensure that the City of Beaufort offers its citizens broad economic opportunities; housing they can afford; a well-run government; and confidence in the community's preparedness for weather and climate-related impacts. The City seeks this future while maintaining the diversity, authenticity, history, tourism, and balance between the built and natural environment for which our city is renowned.

Key Focus Areas

• A Safe and Vibrant City

• Economic Development and Innovation

• Manage Growth and Protect Natural Resources

• Organizational Excellence

A Safe & Vibrant City

To continue to build an authentic, safe, and equitable City, the City will pursue affordable housing opportunities for all segments of the population, will provide responsive public safety, and will improve public spaces.


1. Provide opportunities for affordable and workforce housing.

2. Provide accessible public facilities and spaces.

3. Provide strong public safety support.

4. Facilitate unified and coordinated transportation planning.

Economic Development & Innovation

The City will strengthen and diversity its economy, and build employment opportunities, through partnerships and innovation. We will support existing businesses and recruit new businesses as we promote balanced land use, support diverse tourism, and remain an authentic hometown.


5. Promote business prosperity and sustainable development.

6. Increase median incomes as we recruit new businesses and industry that are

a good fit for Beaufort.

7. Preserve our authenticity.


Manage Growth & Protect Natural Resources

To maintain the City's authenticity and attractiveness, while accommodating future growth and preparing for climate related challenges, the City will evaluate environmental, municipal, and private constraints on growth; will identify commercial and residential areas requiring immediate attention; and will promote balanced growth through infill.


8. Manage growth boundaries.

9. Manage and encourage infill development.

10. Manage annexations.

11. Plan for sea level rise.

Organization Excellence

To provide a transparent, efficient organization, the City will engage its citizens and community and business stakeholders, will integrate technologies which enhance the execution of City functions, will staff the organization with highly qualified personnel, and will provide municipal education opportunities for boards, commission and citizens.


12. Engage community stakeholders.

13. Transparency in City operations.

14. Provide responsive, efficient, and innovative services.

15. Sustainability in finance, infrastructure, and planning.

Strategic Plan Breakdown by Department