Strategic Plan- Goal 7

Goal 7:

Coordinate and collaborated with community stakeholders to identify the overall educational needs within the City, resulting in a sound educational needs and workforce development plan.

Lead Parties: Stephen Murray, Jon Verity

Staff Assigned: Bill Prokop, Deborah Johnson


The effects of not having the skills that are needed by high tech industry will have continuing impacts on the City. These are real and are being felt. The need for a better educated and trained workforce is a national problem. We must better understand the impact and how we can plan, prepare, fund, and safeguard the development of our workforce. These challenges will be one of the greatest our community has ever faced and will require the assistance of a multitude of agencies.

Measures of Success

1. Create a Task Force to include internal and external stakeholders.

Target Date: 12/31/19

2. Create a working definition of the scope of the problem.

Target Date: 06/30/20

3. Fund and initiate comprehensive study that provides a road map for policy, funding and priorities.

Target Date: Ongoing

4. Create and implement communications strategy to inform businesses, residents and stakeholders of the issues, solutions, and roles they can play in preparing for the challenges.

Target Date: 12/31/20


1. Create shared understanding of the magnitude of the challenges Beaufort faces regarding the development of workforce skills.

2. Explore lead strategies for addressing workforce needs.

3. Find funding mechanisms for implement progressive measures.

4. Develop a plan that can grow with the economic growth and needs of our community.