Budget Format Fiscal Year 2023

The Operational Budgets are presented in accordance with State Law and the City’s fiscal policies for the General Fund, Parks and Tourism Fund, Stormwater Fund, State Accommodations Fund, Fire Impact Fund and ARPA Fund.

The Budget Summary for each fund is broken into segments:

• Revenues

• Expenditures

• Salaries & Benefits

• Operations which includes: Workers Compensation insurance, consulting

services, professional services, utilities, property, vehicle and tort liability

insurances, supplies, leased equipment, postage, printing, telephone, travel,

and maintenance.

• Capital Rolling Stock and Stormwater includes vehicles, equipment and

Stormwater projects funded by the Stormwater fees.

• Transfers represents Transfers out of one fund and into another for approved


• Debt Service represents the payments of principal and interest on the City’s

Revenue bond, general obligation bond funding and capital leases.

The Capital Project Budget is presented in accordance with City Council’s Capital Improvement Plan. The Capital Project Budget is an inception to date budget with projects added and removed based on City Council priorities, availability of funding and completion.