Strategic Plan



Statement of Purpose

We believe that all citizens should have economic opportunity, a well‐run government, access to housing that is affordable, and confidence in their community to weather future environmental impacts. This plan seeks to achieve our goals while maintaining the diversity, authenticity, and balance between the built and natural environment that is Beaufort SC.

Below you will see our 7 strategic goals. Each of these clicks through to a comprehensive overview of the individual goal and how we measure the success of achieving each goal.

Encourage sustainable economic growth

through new businesses and expansions to achieve tax base diversification and career paths into or beyond middle income through targeted recruitment and expansion of businesses in technology, knowledge management, advanced manufacturing and emerging sectors.

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Create a long-range plan and identify available revenue streams to address the City’s infrastructure and development needs.

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Create and coordinate programs and opportunities for the development of housing that is affordable to be constructed in the City to provide the needed housing for our workforce.

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Through tourism and an active, vibrant downtown, attract those who wish to relocate their offices and businesses here to live, work, and play by capitalizing on that which gives Beaufort unmatched quality of life opportunities.

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Continue our plan to accommodate balanced growth through infill and community development throughout the City. The emphasis for 2019 and 2020 will be in the Northwest Quadrant, parts of the Old Commons, and the Dixon Village areas.

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Create and coordinate an Environmental Sustainability Task force to address and mitigate the effects of storm water, flooding, rising sea levels, and natural disasters.

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Coordinate and collaborated with community stakeholders to identify the overall educational needs within the City, resulting in a sound educational needs and workforce development plan.

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Our Values

Transparency ∙Stewardship ∙Respect ∙Integrity ∙Collaboration ∙Resiliency


As a City, we use our retreat, strategic plan, and budget to provide updates on City

activity, to better explain challenges we address, and to set a path forward as we work toward the goals, we have set to enhance this community and preserve our culture and history. We believe we must provide our Citizens with:

  • LEADERSHIP – through a transparent and well‐run government
  • PUBLIC SAFETY – demonstrated through a welcoming, safe, and active City
  • ROBUST INFRASTRUCTURE – including storm water management, roads, sidewalks, trails, and parks
  • ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES – providing a vibrant environment for businesses to grow and thrive
  • FINANCIAL STABILITY – strong fund balances and ratings from credit agencies
  • PROTECTION OF OUR CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT – we are a place where families thrive, tourists are welcomed, and students have excellent educational opportunities

Long-Term Concerns

2019/2020 Discussions for Future Planning Work Sessions:

1. Parking needs in the Downtown ‐ Public/Private partnerships

2. Increase diverse career opportunities for early and mid‐level professionals

3. Move from deferred maintenance to pro‐active management for all City assets

4. Environmental resilience

5. Financial resilience – impact fees, local option sales tax, TIFF options, bonding needs

6. The Lady’s Island Plan – implementation and coordination

7. Rural/Urban/Growth and annexation

8. Implications of Reconstruction National Park Service growth

9. Parks/Recreation Services changing needs of our citizens

10. Regional/Intergovernmental Cooperation

11. Work with Human Service organizations to address the “soft” issues facing our community

12. Provide opportunities for improved collaboration with businesses and non‐profits in the City.

Action plans to address long-term concerns:

  • A senior staff member will be assigned the tasks of overseeing our environmental resilience planning and management as well as monitoring and reporting on all long‐term task and oversee Goal 6.
  • Council will appoint a committee to oversee Goal 7, Educational needs.
  • A Communications Manager will be added to City staff reporting to City Manager to ensure the City is providing a strong communications program.