Parks & Tourism Fund

City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023


The mission is to provide safe, accessible, enjoyable spaces and amenities for the community, visitors, and stakeholders while continually supporting economic vitality and encouraging collaboration in the business community to promote Downtown as an exciting place to shop, visit and invest. We strive to enhance the quality of life for residents by ensuring contracted services adhere to the City’s standards and resident’s expectations. The Parks and Tourism Fund was established to account for the revenue and expenditure activities of the City that are dedicated toward support of tourism related activities, tourism development and the facilities that support those activities.

Key Areas of Focus

A Safe & Vibrant City

Objective 2: Provide accessible public facilities and spaces

Initiative 2.1 – Complete an inventory of needs existing neighborhood parks, and foster partnerships with Beaufort County and Beaufort County

School District.

•Performance Measures: Foster community input on needs for neighborhood parks and amenities through surveys and committees members from

Beaufort County and Beaufort County School District. Conduct a condition assessment of all city owned/maintained parks.

Initiative 2.2 – Determine an update and replacement schedule for park equipment and structures.

•Performance Measures: Completion of five year replacement schedule based on the needs assessment.

Initiative 2.3 – Review for implementation of Southside Park plan

•Performance Measures: Completion of RFP and master plan by consultant based on the recommendation from the Southside Park Task Force.

Initiative 2.4 – Complete assumption of maintenance at Whitehall Park

•Performance Measures: Provide consistent maintenance and upkeep of Whitehall Park while partnering with Beaufort County on the design and

construction of the infrastructure planned for the park.

Initiative 2.5 – Support expansion of the Reconstruction Era Nation Historical Park as Beaufort seeks to become the center for the exploration of

Reconstruction history.

•Performance Measures: City staff will play an active role in the planning and design with the National Park Service and stakeholders.

Objective 4: Facilitate unified and coordinated transportation planning

Initiative 4.3 – Evaluate parking and shuttle service

•Performance Measures: Monitor parking usage and demand to determine the needs of a shuttle service.

Economic Development & Innovation

Objective 7: Preserve our authenticity

Initiative 7.3 – Coordinate signage and information to make “wayfinding” easier throughout the entire downtown area and Historic District

•Performance Measures: Conduct inventory of current vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding signage to determine the needs.

Initiative 7.4 – Collaborate with the National Park Service, Beaufort History Museum, historical and preservation groups to promote the Beaufort

story and its rich historical and architectural heritage.

•Performance Measures: Maintain strong partnerships with historical groups while enriching and promoting the Beaufort story and its rich history.

Organizational Excellence

Objective 13: Transparency in City Operations

Initiative 13.1 – Continue live-streaming of all board, commissions, and public meetings; encourage public comment through Zoom, Facebook,

email traditional means.

•Performance Measures: Continue to provide information to the public on activities and meetings of the Cultural District Advisory Board, Parking

Task Force and Southside Park Task Force.

Revenues vs. Expenses of the Parks & Tourism Fund