Strategic Plan- Goal 6

Goal 6:

Create and coordinate an Environmental Sustainability Task Force to address and mitigate the effects of storm water, flooding, rising sea levels and other natural disasters.

Lead Parties: Mayor Keyserling

Staff Assigned: Matt St. Clair, Neil Desai

Measures of Success

1. Completion of Mossy Oaks storm water projects.

Target Date: 6/30/20

2. Establish a task force to analyze the projected effects of flooding, rising sea levels on the economy and well- being of the City.

Target Date: 6/30/19


1. Foster a collaborative partnership between the City, the City of Charleston, the College of Charleston, and other internal and external stakeholders.

2. Evaluate mechanisms and recommend adoption of guidelines to City Council to ensure that “Resiliency” remains a high priority of the City.

3. Create a 5-year master plan of infrastructure needs and projects.

4. Coordinate efforts with the Beaufort County School District to explore developing teacher housing in the City.

5. Create and promote an advocacy platform for working with the state & county on tools to develop regional plans.