Capital Improvement Plan

City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023

Capital Improvement Plan Mission Statement

The mission of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is to account and report financial resporces for capital expenditures for the activities that are inline with City's Comprehendsive Plan and Strategic Civil Master Plan

Long-term Financial Planning

The City has developed a Capital Improvement Plan that is tied with the City's Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Civic master Plan. Each year of the plan is funded through the budget appropriation process with subsequent years estimated based on current year costs. The Comprehensive Plan and Civic Master Plan form to public and private investmetn in the City. This effort allows council, business and citizens to plan more strategically those investments and neighborhood groups to better plan improvements as well. Using a long range planning process allows the City to plan for future needs as well as up or down-turns in the economy.

Stormwater Capital Projects

  • Stormwater Projects are included in the Capital Projects Fund if the project spans longer than one year to complete.

Adopted FY23 Capital Projects

The City has three active grant awards that impact City Infrastructure. These Projects are included in the active Capital Projects list.

  • The Allison Road project is partially funded by two federal transportation funding grants (TAP) through the South Carolina Department of Transportation totaling $1,000,000.
  • In addition, other Stormwater projects are underway that are being funded by the bond funding secured in FY 2019.

They include the following projects:

The Point (Engineering only)

Calhoun Street

Hay Street (Engineerng Only)

West Royal Oaks

Active Capital Projects

Funding Sources for Active Capital Projects