City Council

City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023

Department Mission Statements

The mission of City Council is to provide visionary leadership in policy making to enable the City to provide quality services at reasonable cost to all our citizens.

A Safe & Vibrant City

Objective 2: Provide accessible public facilities and spaces (City Council)

Initiative 2.5 – Support expansion of the Reconstruction Era National Historical Park as Beaufort seeks to become the center for the exploration

of Reconstruction history.

• Performance Measures: Facilitate Boards and Commissions review of National Park projects.

Economic Development & Innovation

Objective 5: Promote business prosperity and sustainable development

Initiative 5.1 –Provide a collaborative environment by engaging partners, including the Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation

(BCECD), the Greater Beaufort-Port Royal Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce, the

Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Beaufort Digital Corridor, the Beaufort Area Hospitality Association, the South Coast

Cyber Center, and the Downtown Beaufort Merchants Association as we work toward building a vibrant and sustainable economy.

Continue to work with landowners on business recruitment and ensure the balanced administration of the Beaufort Code. (City


• Performance Measures: Continue Council Members liaison with their respective boards and Commercial business starts.

Initiative 5.6 – Provide funding for the Beaufort Digital Corridor and South Coast Cyber Center through leveraging private partnerships. (City


• Performance Measures: Budget approvals for funds and liaison support.

Initiative 7.4 Collaborate with the National Park Service, Beaufort History Museum, and other historical and other preservation groups to promote

and protect the Beaufort story and heritage. (City Council and City Manager)

• Performance Measures: Provide support as needed, such as Public Relations assistance, meeting space, and staff support.

Growth & Natural Resources

Objective 8: Manage growth boundaries (City Council)

Initiative 8.1 – Manage Northern Regional Plan growth boundaries.

• Performance Measures: Liaison with the Northern Regional Plan Implementation Committee (NRPIC). Manage annexation requests in the growth

boundaries and report the number of successful annexations.

Objective 11: Plan for sea-level rise (City Council and City Manager)

Initiative 11.2 – Engage community and other stake holders in discussion, plans, and actions related to sea-level rise.

• Performance Measures: Set the stage for Army Corps of Engineers 3 x 3 study, and continue active Public Relations Program.

Organizational Excellence

Objective 13: Transparency in City Operations

Initiative 13.1 – Continue live-streaming of all boards, commissions, and public meetings; encourage public comment through Zoom, Facebook,

email, and traditional means. (City Council)

• Performance Measures: Monitor public participation.

Objective 15: Sustainability in Finance, Infrastructure, and Planning

Initiative 15.1 – Advocate for a change in state legislation concerning the local government fund, changes in Act 388 to allow for local autonomy in

taxing, and support the addition of Local Option Sales Tax in Beaufort County. (City Council and City Manager)

• Performance Measures: Continue advocacy for municipal revenue interests and passage of referendum for LOST on November ballot.

Initiative 15.5 Provide data connected to project in one place.

• Performance Measures: Explore use of OpenGov or other software to help in story boarding our projects.

Department Expenditures