Human Resources Department

City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023

The mission of the Human Resources department is to partner with departments and employees to hire, compensate, train, support and develop a diverse workforce that is dedicated to the delivery of high-quality services to each other and to the community

Current Strategic Plan Initiatives for Fiscal Year 2023

14.1 Recruit and retain diverse, educated and high-performing workforce.

  • Continue to work with departments regarding recruiting and monitor recruiting trends.

  • Continue to use online resources such as job search engines and specific websites due to specialized skills for recruiting purposes.

  • Work with departments on succession planning and professional development of staff.

Budget Requests Needed to Help Achieve Fiscal Year 2023 Strategic Goal Initiatives

  • Increase in Advertising.

Category and Reason for any Major Increases in Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

  • Advertising – Increase of $3,500 due to using online resources for recruiting.