Community and Economic Development Department

City of Beaufort Adopted Budget FY 2023

Department Mission Statement

Integrate opportunities, geographic constraints, economic necessities, aesthetics, and the health and welfare of our citizens into the long term development outlook for the City.

Economic Development & Innovation

Objective 6: Increase median incomes as we recruit new businesses and industries that are a good fit for Beaufort

Initiative 6.1- Partner with the BCEDC on prospect development, land transactions, and site and building development in Beaufort Commerce Park.

• The department provided technical land use analyses for the Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation. [Speculative Building, Building Pad]

Growth & Natural Resources

Objective 8: Manage growth boundaries

Initiative 8.1- Manage Northern Regional Plan growth boundaries.

• The department is actively participating in annexation requests and zoning analysis.

Objective 9: Manage and encourage infill development

Initiative 9.2- Update the Beaufort Preservation Manual from 1979, known as the Milner Report

  • The department is the technical lead for the update of the Beaufort preservation manuals and guides.

Initiative 9.3- Update the survey of above-ground structures in the Historic District.

  • The department is participating in the update of the Beaufort preservation manual as well as the above ground survey . (Currently underway with HRB and Meadors)

Current Strategic Plan Initiatives for Fiscal Year 2023

  • Implement consultant recommendations on staffing and use of consultants to re-staff the department.

Budget Requests Needed to Help Achieve Fiscal Year 2023 Strategic Goal Initiatives

  • Continued partnership for professional architectural services supporting the City’s Historic District Review Board and Design Review Board.

  • Includes funds for executive search and consulting fee’s to aid in transition of the department head.

Category and Reason for any Major Increases in Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

  • Operating increases related to cost to provide Stormwater Plan Reviews through consulting engineer and Beaufort Code Codification in muni-code in order to increase the usability of the code.

  • Consulting fee’s increased with a corresponding increase in revenue to accommodate an increase in permit/project applications.


Department Expenditures