The Portal Tutorials

Learn how to engage with the State's interactive financial portal

Welcome to the Arizona Financial Transparency Portal!

In an effort to make navigating The Portal easier we have created step-by-step tutorial videos to empower users and agencies with the knowledge and tools to explore the State of Arizona's financial information. Start by watching our introductory Exploring the Home Page video.

Exploring the Home Page

Users can easily research and interact with State and Local Government financial information by using the EXPLORE ARIZONA'S FINANCIAL DATA menu located on the RIGHT side of the home page. Financial data can be easily analyzed by using the REVENUES, EXPENDITURES, or TRANSACTION DETAILS menu located on the TOP navigation pane of the home page. These pages provide context to the State of Arizona's financial data, including the ability to review the most popular and important information reviewed by our users.

Visualizations and Saved Views

Users can use the SAVED VIEWS feature to answer frequently asked questions or jump start the manual filtering process. The SAVED VIEWS feature gives users answers to commonly asked questions instantaneously.

Sorting and Filtering

Users can select the column header of any field in the table to SORT or FILTER the data. The flexibility of the filter operators gives users a custom way to filter allowing for a better understanding of the data. Filtering the data, allows only the rows of data that meet the filter criteria to be displayed. Reports should be filtered from a broad perspective before narrowing the focus to ensure timely report performance. For Example: If you are searching for data related to a specific Vendor and Fiscal Year - it is best to filter by Fiscal Year first.

Currently selected filters can be viewed alongside the Operations Buttons.

Operation Buttons and Capabilities

SHOW is the Y-Axis of the Chart. This option allows the user to view the data by Amount or Count of Records.

BY is the X-Axis of the Chart. This option allows the user to split the data by specific fields from the data.

CATEGORIZED BY gives the user the option to breakdown the data within the Y-Axis and X-Axis.